Student Shares Heart-Warming Story About 'Tough' Teacher Who Helped Him Through Hard Times (REDDIT STORY)

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Reddit user u/1drose shared several heart-warming stories about their high school teacher. Turns out, his teacher was the person who came to his help when things got rough. The Typical Student team felt their moral obligation to share the story. 



So, there was a teacher who taught health class at u/1drose's school, who was known as tough but turned out nice and sweet. There was a CPR class that students had to pay for, but 1drose couldn't pay for anything. So, when the time of the class came, the teacher told him to go with the other students despite him having no money. It turned out she had paid for him. 




Later in the year, he fell asleep in her class, and she let him sleep in her class. As 1drose wasn't getting enough sleep at home and she probably guessed it. When he woke up she warmed a cup of soup for him.



1drose recollected: “We never really spoke much, but she had my back and I made sure she knew I had hers.”


best-high-school-teacher-story-04Then he continued: 

“On senior night, they introduce the players and say some stuff about them as they walk to center court, typically with parents arm in arm. When it was almost my time to walk, she saw that I was alone. Bless her heart, she bout fell down from her seat running towards me. She put her arm through mine and just looked forward, chin up proud as hell as they read my stats/grades/etc. I remember that walk and how I wish I had a picture or recording from that day showing how big I must have been smiling. My friends’ mothers had tears in their eyes. They made sure to invite me to dinner with them after the game and I made sure it was ok that I brought my teacher. She politely declined and just told me she was proud of me.”


After graduation, 1drose would often return to visit his kind teacher. "Each time I’d bring flowers and/or food and made sure to do it in front of students and made sure they knew to respect her.”


How Did Other Reddit Users React?

Other people on the internet were in awe of the story, some even shared similar stories about the bond they had with their teachers.





Turns out, there are lots of educators who are willing to help their students, pay them attention and listen to their woes. 



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