Student Showed Up For A Microsoft Job Interview A Month Early, Shared Her Experience On Twitter

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Have you ever been interviewed for the job of your dreams? Meet Laura Maclean, 21, a Scottish student, who was invited to do a job interview via Skype with Microsoft’s University Recruitment team. Suddenly, something went wrong. The Typical Student team shares her exchange with the Microsoft HR team, and it has turned out to be a hilarious mix-up. Recently, this 21-year-old student has shared her interview experience on Twitter, and the Twitterverse was shaken. According to Laura, she was invited to do a job interview for Microsoft on February 18th. However, the girl was so anxious to get employed for the job of her dreams that she showed up for the interview a month earlier!





Here's Laura's initial tweet:





Microsoft’s University recruitmet team provides a student with an opportunity to work a full year for the corporation. Laura got a chance to do a Skype interview that was scheduled for February 18. As she's very organized person, she spent the morning of that day getting ready for the interview. Laura was so worried that she had mock interviews with her family to feel more prepared. Laura's interview was scheduled for 11AM, but when the clock turned to 11:15AM, Laura just lost it and started to panic. Check out her email exchange with the Microsoft HR team below:









Later Laura admitted to being extremely inattentive as her birthday is the on February 14, and she somehow managed to "skip turning 22" as she said herself. Funny enough, Laura's family who followed the job interview drama on Twitter even apologized for not congratulating her on her birthday:



Eventually, Laura figured out it wasn't the day of her interview and decided to wait.


How Did the Twitterverse React?

Luckily, people on Twitter have had their own embarrassing moments to share, so most of them reacted to Laura's situation with humor and understanding:












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