Here Is What Happens When Student Is Texting Hardcore Delivery Guy

2 years ago




When you order food you expect fast delivery and a tasty meal and the last thing you want is having a creepy text conversation with a delivery guy. Michelle Midwinter had a really awful experience with a food delivery guy and she posted screenshots of the creepy text messages he sent her on her Twitter page. And here is what the Typical Student team will show you!






According to Michelle, an odd delivery guy somehow got her phone number and started texting her some really creepy stuff.






It seems though like the guy just liked Michelle and wanted to get closer with her. However, Michelle herself wasn’t happy about it at all and claimed that the food delivery company she orders her meal from doesn’t respect their customers’ privacy at all.






So, Michelle decided to contact the company in order to complain about that creepy delivery guy and their response was just devastating. Michelle felt like she was being stalked by a potential maniac and all the company managed to do is suggesting her their 10-pound goodwill voucher.






Eventually, many women started sharing their own troubling experiences.










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