Student Texts A Caring Friend: Never Text Me While Driving

3 years ago




Driving and texting at the same time is extremely dangerous and was a reason for many car accidents as well. Twitter user @gottaloveyujin posted her cute text conversation with a friend who was texting her and teaching some basic traffic rules while she was driving. And here is what the Typical Student will tell you about!





When her friend texted @gottaloveyujin and asked her if she was already at home she answered, “otw already” so her friend immediately understood that she was driving and texting at the same time. @gottaloveyujin replied that stoplight was at red, but her caring friend asked her to reply to her messages once she got home.





She replied, “I love you.” However, her friend didn’t seem to want to endanger @gottaloveyujin even more, so she texted her, “I love you too and please stop replying to my messages while you are driving.” It seems like everybody needs that thoughtful friend who will protect them from all the potential dangers like this one.

Meanwhile, the tweet about a really caring and affectionate friend went viral on Twitter and got many likes, retweets, and replies. Many of @gottaloveyujin’s followers were fascinated by the cuteness of this text conversation.

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