Student Texts Election Volunteer And The Conversation Takes Nasty Turn (VIRAL TEXT EXCHANGE INSIDE)

3 years ago



The Typical Student team continues shares viral student stories. This time around, Bernard Jennings, a student of Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University in Tallahassee, has posted his conversation with a volunteer promoting Gillum’s campaign on Twitter and it immediately went viral.

Bernard received a lot of texts from various volunteers in the month before the election. However, he was completely sure that it was an automated system sending all those text messages to him. So he decided to let them know that he voted on the election in a way he quickly became embarrassed for.






Bernard later said that he read the first couple of those messages and was completely sure they were sent by robots. So when he replied to the notification about the Election Day, “Alright b**ch I done voted now, stop texting my phone,” he finally found out that it was a real person. So he immediately apologized to the volunteer for being rude.

Meanwhile, other Twitter users shared their experience texting election volunteers as well.




At the same time, other people, inspired by Bernard’s tweet, decided to thank volunteers for all the hard work they have done during the election.


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