Student Texts Teacher About Summer Reading List, Gets Unexpected Answer (TEXTS INSIDE)

2 years ago



Reading is a pleasure, however, the level of the pleasure and actually its presence does depend on what you read. This college student wanted to ask for some piece of reading advice from his Literature teacher, so he texted him, but this text conversation went simply ridiculous.

So the student texted his teacher the message that read, “Hey Mr. R, I already read Huck Fin over the summer, do I have to read it again?” To this message the teacher gave quite a philosophical response, “Any book worth reading once is worth reading again.”





Well, it seems like the student wasn’t quite agree with his teacher, so he asked, “Even Twilight?” But the teacher didn’t lose it and texted his student back this, “I said it had to be worth reading once.”




Well, we see this teacher’s point and he is actually quite right. So enjoy reading great books and do not forget to text your teachers about them. Maybe you are going to have even more hilarious text conversation with your college professor.


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