Student TRENDS: WTH Is Moth Meme?

3 years ago



As you can see, the Typical Student team enjoy memes and everything that is somehow connected to them. That’s why today we are going to introduce you a fresh meme, which surprisingly became viral among the students - moth and forbidden light.


Why people adore the meme?


Basically, the moth meme is kinda weird. Still, maybe, this is the main reason why it became so popular. Actually, the meme introduces a simple moth, who wants to get to the light but his desire can be related to the life of any student. The “yall got any lamps” looks suits student loans, high grades, and coffee lack.


Now, let’s view out the examples of how students use moth meme. They are so cute!



student-trends-wth-is-moth-meme-2Love of his life

student-trends-wth-is-moth-meme-3Until you die

student-trends-wth-is-moth-meme-4If you know what they mean...


student-trends-wth-is-moth-meme-6Seems that it is

student-trends-wth-is-moth-meme-7Little goth

student-trends-wth-is-moth-meme-8Here's what the audience say

student-trends-wth-is-moth-meme-9This is TOP!

student-trends-wth-is-moth-meme-10True love


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