Student Who Insulted His Former Teacher On Facebook, Gets Unexpected But Witty Answer

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Meet Mrs. Johanson, she's a teacher whose story was uploaded by user ReKonCIle into the subreddit r/MurderedByWords. Despite this story has made rounds on the web, the Typical Student team just can't refrain from posting it once again.  According to the author of the thread, a lot of former students consider Mrs. Johanson their favorite teacher. Still, there's one who isn't as excited about her - someone named Larry. 




The Original Story

So, before the reunion party, one of the students expressed her hope that Mrs. Johanson might come in a Facebook group.  Suddenly, Larry jumped in and expressed his opinion, not in a very polite way.  Turns out, he got in big trouble because of Mrs. Johanson, so he had to take summer school. He commented: "WTF that lady was your favorite teacher. She’s a b***ch because of her I had to take summer school!" 

What Larry didn't expect is that the teacher might be in the group, too. And, Mrs. Johnson didn't keep silent. She commented: "Sadly, I won’t be able to attend. But thank you all for inviting me to the group. Larry, I’m sorry you feel that way. Obviously my grammar lessons didn’t stick too well."




How Did Reddit Users React to Student Teacher Exchange?


Naturally, people expressed their indignation with Larry's behavior and gave shoutouts to Mrs. Johnson. Just take a look at the comments below:



User @roundandround said: "Mrs. Johnson is awarded 3 gold stars for the day" praising the teacher's wittiness. Someone who goes by the nickname @airmack commented: "I want to find Larry, become his friend and lol on his wall". 



User named @Rayxor said: "Totally and completely pwned by your former high school teacher. Get your life together, Larry."


Chantal Kunst commented: "Mrs. Johanson is my spirit animal"





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