Students' Banana 'Prank' Nearly Kills An Art Teacher in Columbus

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Previously, the Typical Student team told about 4 RAUNCHIEST Senior Pranks In 2019. Well, if you're thirsty for more, here's another, no less juicy, one. As reported by 7News, what started as an innocent student prank nearly cost an art teacher her life.


Attempted Murder With Bananas



The students involved in the prank that happened last November are aged 12 and 13 years old. According to the school security, the students were aware of their teacher's allergy but still used it against her. The body camera video is the evidence provided by the Columbus Police Officers. In the video, a CCS security officer is heard saying: "That could be attempted murder." Also, the footage shows the security officer escorting police to the art teacher's classroom where signs saying "Banana Free Zone" are posted. One more sign instructs students to wash their hands if they've eaten a banana that day.


The Cruel Prank



At lunch, three 7th graders "smudged a banana on the teacher's door, doorknob, and threw them at her while she was inside her classroom," 7News reports. As a result, the educator went into anaphylactic shock within 15 minutes. Here's how the security staffer commented on the situation: "She starts to change colours. 

"They gave her one epi pen; It wasn't working. They gave her another epi-pen (and) her throat was starting to close up."

Fortunately, the art teacher was timely rushed to the hospital where she was treated to the full recovery. 


The Punishment

As told by the 7News, all the students were sent in probation following the sentence of the juvenile court. As told by the Columbus Police, the felonious assaults on teachers have increased in 2019 (over 30 cases since January). Only in 2017, officers responded to 65 felonious assaults on city school campuses! 

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