16 Examples Of Students' BRILLIANT Sense of Humor

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College is a place with the perfect environment for the molding young minds. However, some truly ingenious minds have other opinion about what college should be. There are some students who just don’t have the focus for traditional education system which can lead them to out-of-the-box thinking. For instance, the greatest human minds such as Einstein, Edison, and Zuckerberg had some problems with the traditional forms of education.

Quite a lot of students think outside the box as well as Einstein, Edison, and Zuckerberg, and even though not all of them are future geniuses they still remain extremely smart and creative. Besides, a good sense of humor as well is an evidence of a great mind. So, the Typical Student team hand-picked 16 examples of ingenious students who deserved an A+ for their sense of humor.

#1 A sixteen line poem

When a teacher asked this student to write a 16 line poem, he just blew his teacher’s mind with his brilliant sense of humor.

#2 A broke student

Well yeah, when you spend all your money on college you really don’t have anything valuable that can be stolen. This funny student just honestly alarmed the potential thieves.

#3 Hide and seek

No matter how old are you it’s never too late to play hide and seek. Besides, these students are really good at this game.

#4 Online university graduation

This ingenious student dressed up for finally receiving his diploma. From the postman.

#5 Revenge for the failed test

When this student failed his test he said his teacher that he’ll make a dinosaur hit his teacher’s car. Well, he kept his promise.

#6 Engineers in their natural habitat

In this university classes take place in such a nice cages and obviously a super creative student just couldn’t miss an opportunity to joke about it.

#7 The Game of Loans

Again, college is extremely expensive, so this creative student decorated her graduation cap for the occasion.

#8 A hole in the floor

This is just so hilarious, would you do the same?

#9 The ground is lava

Well yeah, even if you are 20+ jumping over the imaginary lava is always so much fun.

#10 Dr. Hedgehog

Funny family names will always be a good reason to joke about for students. However, Dr. Hedgehog sounds so cute.

#11 Casual-dehyde


Chemical formulae are complicated, incomprehensible, and boring. However, don’t you agree with the fact that creative associations help students to memorize difficult material better? Well, this casual-dehyde definitely helps to memorize the formaldehyde formula.

#12 Generally anxious door

Interesting, what does this door do when it’s anxious?

#13 Cal teacher

This student just spent the whole period making the cal teacher.

#14 Pineapple shirt

These students thought it would be funny to pass the same pineapple shirt for an end-of-year photo. Well, it was.

#15 Post no bills

Post no bills? Challenge accepted.

#16 The note to the teacher:

This ingenious student left this not less ingenious note on the door of his math teacher’s office. I bet this teacher don’t know how many cupcakes can Pedro buy with one human soul.

Ah, these students! Never tired of having fun)

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