Students Can Now Pay To Create An Illusion Of Lavish Vacation On Social Media

3 years ago



Alas! There's a solution for those who don't have the money to go on a lavish vacay, but wants to boast pics on social media. Have you heard of Fake A Vacay? In case you haven't these guys can photoshop you into any background - just order one of their vacation packages. The Typcial Student team learned how Fake A Vacay helps students make memories, even though they're fake. 


How Much Does It Cost?




So, as told on the website, there are several destination packages to select from: Las Vegas, Disneyland, Hawaii, the Grand Canyon, AZ. Clients can also choose a custom fake vacation picture 'built exclusively' for them. The prices range from $19.99 to $199 which is a Protected Custom Package (Advanced option). FYI, it looks like there's some sort of sale going on right now, so you can grab a real bargain!


What Does Fake A Vacay Look Like?


If you're still asking yourself if you should waste your time faking a vacation on social media, the numbers won't lie. According to the research conducted by Jetcost, about 14% of the 4,000 American adults confessed they had lied to others about their fancy holidays. In the end, you'll get something that looks like this:




That's if you fancy vacation on a steamy Hawaii beach. Looks very close to being true, though.




And this one is for the devoted Disneyland lovers. That's in case you won't visit Mickey Mouse any time soon.


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