Students Compete in New Game Show to Get Their Loan Debts ‘Paid Off’

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Student loan payments are always a burning topic. This time, there’s a twist to it you can actually see with your own two eyes! Just imagine, there is this new game show where students have to compete to get their student loans paid. Sounds very similar to The Hunger Games? Only, this is present-day America 2018, and the show is called “Paid Off!




Unaffordable higher education forces students and their parents engage in a debt bondage.  As reported by the Washington Post, in 2018, around 44 million US citizens owe a total of $1.3 trillion in student debt. Indeed, why not make a reality show out of it? The Typical Student team learned the details about this unusual project.


When Does the 'Paid Off' Pilot Air?


If you’re already interested, here’s the scoop. TruTV scheduled the "Paid Off" for Tuesday, July 10. In the show, three contestants unable to repay their student loan debt compete in Jeopardy-style, college-themed trivia. So, what is the first prize?

 What Does the Winner Get?paid-off-new-student-game-show-student-loan-repayment-01

According to the Tampa Bay Times, the show won’t pay off the whole sum of the winner’s student loan debt. However, it will pay off a part of the winner's debt, while the amount will be determined by how well the students do in the contest. Of course, this is not the solution to student problems! And the prize will only bring debt relief to a small part if students, while the rest of society is still suffering from loan debt.


In the interview to the Washington Post, the show host Michael Torpey, tried to portray the game as somewhat of “an antidote to this financial epidemic:”

"One of the mantras is ‘an absurd show to match an absurd crisis. A game show feels really apt, because this is the state of things right now."

See the show’s trailer:


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