That’s How Student’s Speech To Teacher Divided Facebook Audience

2 years ago



You know when something goes viral it usually makes people agree or disagree. However, this video divided the Facebook audience on those who support the passionate student and those who think he’s wrong. And what’s your point? Check out the viral video the Typical Student prepared! It has 50M views!


Texas Classroom





For today, the location of the institution from the video is unknown except the fact that it happened somewhere in Texas. The video of a student making his speech to the teacher has gone viral on Facebook. Soon it divided many users for several reasons.


What Is The Point?





To make a long story short, on this video one student explains to his teacher that students will never succeed in her class with the way that she has been teaching them. According to the student, anyone should be disturbed by the way in which the teacher is conducting her class. “Get up and teach something instead of handing out a packet to students,” said the student who also pointed out that “some students don’t learn from packets, some need face-to-face instruction.”


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