Students DIY Home: What It's Like Living in the Bauhäusle

2 years ago



Have you ever heard of Bauhäusle? German students are building environmentally friendly houses with their own hands to cut rent expenses.

The Typical Student team has learned what Bauhäusle is and how much German students enjoy living there.

What is a Bauhäusle?



Bauhäusle (“little building house”) - the very first Bauhäusle was built in the early 1980s in Germany, mainly from the waste materials. This was a rather successful one.

How is it to live in a Bauhäusle?




Students who have to clean their repair Heiner Steinacker, a student from Stuttgart, says He adds that, “It’s a rewarding idea. It’s a good idea. ”Steinacker says:“ a beer dispenser, a small cinema, a small fireplace

Why is it so popular?




The popularity of Bauhäusle is mostly due to its cheapness. This student housing is a lot cheaper than a regular one. Moreover, it’s an ascetic lifestyle. So there is a high probability that Bauhäusles will become even more popular among the students in the future.

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