These 9 Students NAILED Their Dissertation Hand-In, See Hilarious Pics

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If anyone asked what was your favourite moment as a student, most likely the answer would be “a diss hand-in”. After experiencing the post-diss stress which surely goes along with sitting-up late, dozens of coffee cups and mental break downs, you might want to have a day off for a change.

Knowing that your dissertation is a mess, an absolute waste of paper and free time, you might still want to embrace the moment of handing it in. Surely, you could throw a mind-blowing party and pull an all-nighter, but let’s not forget – we live in the time of information technology, so what's the most obvious thing to do?

Of course, taking the memorable moment to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram! Who wouldn't do that? Scrolling the social network feed, you always come across the pictures of unbelievably pleased students. For some reason, most of them are stuck in identical poses and background – standing in front of their alma mater and stretching their work right before their faces. Who says you should do the same? In fact, the better the photo, the bigger the admiration we get.

Previously, the Typical Student team told you about 7 MOST Bizarre Dissertation Topics UK Students Chose to Get a Degree. Now it's time for the best diss hand-ins!

#1 Who would say ‘no’ to visiting the red carpet on the day of dissertation hand-in? It might as well become the day for dressing up and a bit of showing off – we don’t achieve such great aims each and every day!


#2 A diss hand-in doesn’t mean to have all the boredom of the world on your face. On contrary, it can be all about fun and excitement for your future, especially when it’s about the paper on the design of a child’s room.


#3 When you don’t suffer from post-diss stress, your mind can come up with pretty unusual photo decisions. How about pretending to be a Kingsman agent?


#4 When you feel like your diss is worth nothing, but still unsure when to eat your work up. Try thinking about the time between handing in the paper and defending it. It might happen to be your best choice!


#5 Handing in the dissertation can be funnier when you're with friends.


#6 But when it comes to better marks or a desirable work place, get rid of them to be the first!


#7 If you are proud of your work, be sure to show it! Take a shot in front of some historical place to make your work even more meaningful.


#8 When you want to pose for the photo but something always comes about – the wind, the hair, and even the moment. Patient friends come in use, but don't take too much advantage of their kindness – you’ll still need them on your graduation day!


#9 And lastly, remember, if you don’t know what to do with your dissertation, try hiding yourself under it – no one would even notice.


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