Student’s Nightmare of Communication In The Digital Age

3 years ago



Let us face it – texting is extremely convenient and fast, that is why we cannot imagine our lives without it anymore. However, pretty often ambiguous text messages can create some serious issues with our sweethearts. So here’s how a girl’s text became viral. And here is what the Typical Student team is going to talk about!


Twitter user @emgrebz (Emily) posted a screenshot of the text conversation with her special one and it immediately went viral.





In this small conversation someone asked Emily if she was up, she answered “yes”. Then they asked if she was mad, and when she said “Of course not, why?” they said that Emily’s “yes” sounded angry.


So after Emily’s tweet went viral, other Twitter users started sharing screenshots of their odd text messages too.





So it appeared that Emily is not the only one who had some issues with text messages.





Meanwhile, some Twitter users say that the “yes” sounded angry because there were no emoji.






At the same time, other Twitter users noticed that “why?” sounded demanding as well, which makes that person be worried that they have done something wrong.





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