Student's Phone Hilariously Lets Her Down During Text Exchange With Mom (VIRAL TEXTS INSIDE)

2 years ago



The Typical Student team keeps sharing hilarious viral stories. This girl’s mother really loves dogs and she owns 4 Yorkshire Terriers. Sometimes she has to work late and she texts her daughter in order to ask her to feed the dogs. So the girl took her mother’s phone and made a short cut. She substituted the phrase “feed the dogs” with “turn on some Lil Jon and get fucked up with the yorkis.”

So eventually the girl’s mother was working late that day and she decided to text her daughter and ask her to feed her yorkis. She thought texted “I’m still at work, can you feed the dogs?” but something went wrong.




Instead of “feed the dogs” she texted “I’m still at work can you turn on some Lil Jon and get fucked up with the yorkis?”





The mother realized that something was wrong and texted her daughter again, but it didn’t work.

So she tried again. 



She said that her phone was doing something weird and tried again. However, she sent “Can you please turn on some Lil Jon and get fucked up with the yorkis” one more time. So her daughter replied to her, “If you say so.”


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