What Happens When Students Pretend Being Smart (5 Viral Stories)

2 years ago



There’s no secret, anyone wants to look smart when they are near their significant other. However, sometimes your desire to sound smart can become a real failure just like in these stories. Here is what the Typical Student team will tell you about!


#1 Once me and my SO went for a walk around a local nature reserve.





On the way in we got a map given to us so we could navigate the area. Later on the walk, she is looking at the map and says to me "these maps really need a 'you are here' on them."

It took me a second to realize what she meant, so I explained that it's a handheld map and that it wouldn't be possible, it took 4/5 attempts before it clicked with her.


#2 I’ll answer for my wife.

I had gone to Home Depot to pick up a trailer hitch ball for my truck. I didn’t realize that they had different shaft sizes, and I didn’t know which size I needed, so I called my wife and this conversation took place:

Me: “Are you at the house?” Her: “Yeah, why?” Me: “Can you go out to the driveway and measure the hole in the bumper of my truck? It should be either 1/2-inch or 3/4-inch.”

There’s a pause...

Her: “Isn’t your truck with you?”

Yes. Yes, it was. That was how I had gotten to Home Depot. I forgot.


#3 In high school, my girlfriend said:





"Do you know what I just realized? There's no state that starts with the letter F!"

We went to school in Florida.


#4 My boyfriend as we were looking up at the beautiful night sky.

"Wow, there's so much we don't know about the universe. Like where the stars go during the day. Are they still there? If not, where do they go?".

He was dead serious.


#5 My husband and I were at Canadian Tire.





And they had tiny examples of tents (basically looked like they were made for Barbie dolls) and the pricing for each underneath. He turned to me shocked and asked, "why are these so expensive for such tiny tents?!".

I almost died laughing.

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