Students Who Were Texting Each Other for 3 Years Have Finally Met

3 years ago




Josh Avsec has matched with Michelle Arendas on Tinder more than 3 years ago and they have been texting each other throughout all these years, yet they didn’t have a real date. However, when Josh posted a bit of their ridiculous conversation on Twitter and it went viral, internet users started forcing these two Ohio Kent State University seniors to finally meet in real life. Even Tinder decided to step in and offered them a free vacation. So the students agreed on Hawaii and finally met each other. And here is what the Typical Student tea, will tell you about!






So here’s their viral conversation.






The couple had what might seem at the first sight a casual text conversation. However, it took them months to reply to another new message.






And sometimes they kept the silence for almost 10 months.






And that is how their Tinder conversation lasted for the whole three years.






So Josh has posted this hilarious conversation on his Twitter and it immediately went viral.






It seems like Michelle really wanted to finally meet Josh, yet she needed some more time. And this is where Tinder stepped in.






So these two have finally met each other and spent a great time on the Hawaiian Islands.

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