Super Lazy College Student Texts This To His Roommate Every Day

3 years ago



The Typical Student team keeps telling you droll student stories. This time around, it's one of those college roommate horror stories. Indeed, while you are a student pretty often you have to live and deal with people you just can’t stand. And what is more annoying about it is the fact that sometimes you cannot get rid of them till the end of the school year. However, this story is not quite a college roommate horror story. It is rather about living with the laziest couch potato.

This college student shares an apartment with two other friends and one of them, Kierstin, is the laziest person in the world. Just check out the texts she sends her roommates every day.




Kierstin sent her friend a text that read, “What do I want to eat if I’m not hungry?” to what her friend replied, “Salad? Popcorn?” Then Kierstin texted her friend this, “I don’t want have to move, and I’m not in the mood for popcorn, also can I pay you to clean out my tupperware? I’m scared too.” to what her roomie replied, “Air, and that doesn’t convince me.”

But Kierstin didn’t lose it, so she texted, “Can you make Dan do it?”

Her friend only replied “That’s cruel.” to that.



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