Surviving Your Finals Week And Staying Alive Told By Cornell University Student

2 years ago



The Typical Student tells you about students' real-life experiences. This time around, Katie Tracy, a Cornell University student, shares how she gets ready for her tests and meets the deadlines during the Finals Week on her YouTube channel.


Planning the Day




Katie always makes a list of thing she has to do on a particular day during the finals week. She makes a kind of a plan where she writes down what exactly she has to study and what projects she has to finish in the first place. Katie also adds that she tries to plan her day in such a way that she would have some time to rest a little bit because studying 24/7 is simply impossible for her.


Exercising To Get Relief




When Katie studies long hours she feels like she needs some kind of emotional relief. So she finds that relief while exercising. Moreover, Katie also says that physical activities help her to clear her mind and give her a lot of energy.


Key to Finding the Balance



While planning her activities during the finals week Katie always tries to find the balance between her studies and social life. She manages to find some time for making her YouTube videos as well. Katie says that no matter how hard her finals week can be, not to go crazy, she always keeps the balance between her studies and social life.

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