All Of Us Would Love PE Lessons If We Had Teachers With Such AMAZING Physique!

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PE isn't the most favorite subject for many at school. Imagine Hugh Jackman was your PE school teacher, would you change your mind then?

It’s not a secret – motivating students to learn is the most arduous task any teacher faces. Every teacher looks for the methods of how to motivate students and some of them are lucky to find it. The Typical Student team listed these AMAZING teachers to restore your faith in physical education lessons at school.

1. Hugh Jackman


Before becoming a world-famous film star, Hugh Jackman was an outstanding PE teacher and a coach of sport teams at Uppingham School in East Midlands. Having done the most active lessons ever, the soon-to-be Wolverine believed he must devote all of his free time to become a role-model for his students.

Still, not only superstars can motivate students to make a few extra push-ups at a lesson! The below-listed educators know how to do that right!

2. Eva Loo


Eva Loo is not a PE teacher, but she could easily be! Formerly, a school councelor, now a Chief Marketing Officer at @uncletspices, she knows how to motivate students with her sports achievements!  


3. Joey Feith


Joey Feith is certainly the person who knows how to make students fall for physical education. As a founder of he never gave up on his teaching career. Nowadays he’s a PE teacher at St. George’s School in Quebec. At the same time Feith works on strategies of physical development for mate teachers and even non-professionals.

4. Dejinay


Dejinay not only has the PERFECT shape, but also helps her students to keep fit. This amazing school teacher spends hours at the gym, but never misses a morning workouts with her students. No wonder, they like her so much!


5. Nathan Horne


Another example of prominent gym teacher is Nathan Horne, the founder of Currently he’s working in British Columbia. His main goal as for now is to make people aware of the scientific works in the field of physical education as well as to convey his experience on the subject. Thanks to Horne’s website you’ll be able to develop the needed training program and find the motivation not to give up at the very beginning.

6. Jordyn Goddard


Jordyn Goddard is not only a primary school teacher, but also a physical education enthusiast! The former Miss District of Columbia, she's passionate about keeping fit, and, of course inspires students to follow suit. Owing to her great physique, she continues to participate in beauty pageants.


Would you get motivated to work out if you had such fit teachers? Bet, no one would resist from joining them at the gym!

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