Student Text Exchange Shows Perfectly Well How Wild College Frat Parties Are (TEXTS INSIDE)

2 years ago



The Typical Student team keeps sharing real student stories. College frat parties are always hard, wild, and fun. This is the very thing every college student should experience at least once. Well, this college student didn’t want to miss his chance, so he partied really hard at a wild frat party which resulted in texting some odd and hilarious messages to his roommate.





While partying hard and drinking lots of tequila, the student decided to check on his roomie by texting him. So he sent him a message that read, “iM Not drnkjkk” to which his roommate replied, “Okay…I hope you’re having fun.”

Well, it seems like the student didn’t get what his roomie meant because he texted him again, “imm nOT drujkn” to what the roomie replied, “I know you are not…are you enjoying the party?”




The student then replied, “Yea…I had like wayyuy 2 many shotzzz” to what the roommate responded, “Are you safe at least?” and, when the student texted him back and said that he was going to take an Uber, he responded to him, “I’ll get some water ready for you.”

Well, this guy is such a great college roomie, isn’t he?




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