Text Message Student Prank Failure That Turned Up To Be A Nice Conversation

2 years ago




This girl received a would-be prank text message that read, “D tryna tell me I can’t paint Tamiya’s room blue cuz she’s a girl.” But she was totally cool and decided to text back. And here is what the Typical Student team will tell you about!






The girl texted back that it was a wrong number. She also added, “Hell yeah. Paint that girl’s room blue!” And that is how she started discussing the colors for that kid’s room with the pranker.






They concluded that the turquoise was perfectly good for the bedroom.






And they started discussing possible designs for the room. The girl said, “I’d do the color you picked on the wall across from the window and maybe a lighter color on the other there walls.”





So, the girl helped to convince the stranger to paint her daughter’s room blue. The pranker said, “My baby girl’s gonna have her blue room and it’s gonna look tight as her” to what the girl responded “Hell yeah!”






The pranker thanked the girl and told her good night. Well, this is how a failed prank can turn up to be really fun and even a kind of helpful for the pranker.

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