12 Examples of Textbook Art Drawn by EXTREMELY Bored Students

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Pondering on your school years, what memories occur in your mind? The thrill of breaks, dynamic games with your classmates or some really boring lessons that you had to survive? No wonder that lots of us have experienced the temptation of drawing in our textbooks which could keep us up throughout the lessons. We gaze around and subconsciously start doodling something only we can understand.

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Nowadays a lot of students have changed their attitude to textbook art creating masterpieces within several minutes. On the contrary, there are still people who believe it to be vandalism and a great distraction for future users of these textbooks. After looking at the examples of drawing which side will you support?

#1 Are you a game-lover to your limb and bone? If yes, then probably you will understand a student who has drawn this picture of Undertale created by Toby Fox.


#2 Try to imagine receiving the book The Importance of Randomization. What will you think after opening it – a masterpiece or actually vandalism? Though, we all must agree – such type of textbook art can make it really hard to read the entrance.


#3 Are you a McDonald devotee or do you play for the KFC team? Anyway, the fight between these two companies doesn’t me#an a lot for bored students on tedious lessons.


#4 Our parents always dream about obedient and smart children, but it’s really impossible to achieve without some magical tricks. Will you be pleased to have a magical book to control your child’s mind and actions?


#5 Staying up on the boring lesson might certainly take a lot of your strength. No one can feel secured against getting drown away. How then to fight with the idea of becoming Davy Jones?


#6 A lot of people say history matters, our past matters. However, the present matters sometimes even more. If so, then why not to redraw the old story in a new way.

#7 Being a strict politician will not protect you from becoming the cute girl with the help of some fatigued student at school.

#8 We surely all know how the Statue of Liberty looks like. Then how about the following textbook drawing? You see all the means of a free life – the swimming suit, the life-buoy ring and even the Coke from McDonald.


#9 We all were created to fall for Captain Jack Sparrow! Even this historical personality couldn’t stand a chance and appeared before our eyes in the famous shape.

ridiculous-examples-of-textbook-art-drawn-by-bored-students-06#10 You can know nothing about the correct bows, unless you have the vision of their depth. Will the double-bent mean that you respect the person too much or you just want to tie your shoe-laces?

ridiculous-examples-of-textbook-art-drawn-by-bored-students-12#11 You have never heard of Benito Mussolini, haven’t you? Though, judging from this photo none of us has seen his rebellious nature: the cigarette, tattoos, tricot. Bet you’ve never imagined him like that!


#12 Are you a math fan or a sucker for eternal tortures from constant wrong answered sums? If the second, guess you’ll understand the lunatic fully.


Hopefully, this was fun!

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