The Benefits Of A Penpal For Learning A Foreign Language

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Having a penpal has many benefits, particularly when it comes to language skills for people planning to move to a foreign country or study there for a while. It’s also a great way to network and make friends in the town or city that you’re going to move to, with one Canadian woman having 25 penpals from around the world so that she can learn about other cultures, she even became a matchmaker through her writing.


Understand reading, writing and grammar




A lot of language is often learned through speaking, particularly once you arrive in a foreign country and need to start communicating fairly instantly. Learning how to read and write in a foreign language can be more difficult, but they’re important and valuable skills that will help you to speak better too. Seeing how a native writes and uses grammar can boost your reading and writing skills, as well as your overall understanding of the language. Replying helps you to improve your writing and you can ask your penpal for advice and guidance on your written language.


Friends before a big move




Finding penpals in a country that you plan to study in or move to permanently can help to give you some insight and local knowledge, which can help you to make your decision about where to move to and where to study. Once you’ve decided, having two or three penpals from the town or city that you intend to go to can help you to build a network of friends before you get there, which is particularly helpful if you’re moving on your own. It can give you a sense of community and support that you may otherwise struggle to find. Print postage stamps online easily with OnlineStamp to save time and keep yourself organized when you have several penpals so that you don’t fall behind with your replies. Your penpals may offer to help you with your move when it comes to the paperwork too, which can be hugely beneficial if you need some help translating certain words that you’re unfamiliar with.


Learn the local lingo


Having a penpal that lives in the area that you plan to move to will not only help you to learn the language, but also any local words and sayings that you don’t get taught in language classes. These can be common sayings that are specific to that part of the country and most people will use them, but they often make no sense if you’ve never heard them before. Learning these before your move can help you to fit in and understand the culture that you’re moving into, which may mean that locals are more accepting of you if they know that you’re easy to talk to and will use local language in conversation back to them.


Having a penpal is a fun and exciting way to learn a new language in a natural way. You can pick up local phrases, improve your reading and writing, and make friends and meet other students before you move to build up a support network.


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