The Hilarious Text Messages of a Messed Up College Student (TEXTS INSIDE)

3 years ago



This school year is slowly coming to its end, which means that the level of stress and tension is starting to rise. Maggie is a college student who has become so messed up that she passed out in the classroom and then sent some hilarious text messages about this accident to her friend.

Well, after Maggie woke up and got herself together, she decided to text her best friend in order to tell her what happened. So Meggie texted, “LOL, I passed out for a sec in class. Fell on a chair and hit the ground” to what her friend replied, “Oh my god Maggie.”





It really seems like Maggie has already got used to such troubles caused by high levels of stress, so she texted her friend back this, “I’m having a great week,” but the friend answered, “You really aren’t.” However, Maggie then texted her the message that read, “Next week can only go up?” to which her friend responded, “I mean true.”

Well, all we can do is just hope that Maggie is alright now and will be alright by the time of her graduation. Just don’t give up, Maggie!







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