Surprisingly, These Subjects Have The Most Dropout Rates In UK Universities

2 years ago



About one in 10 computer science students in the UK drop out of university, according to the new data provided by the GOV.UK portal. Next, come business students with 7,4% dropout rates. Also, the university subjects with the highest dropout rates have been revealed, and you will be surprised! The Typical Student team learned which subjects have the highest dropout rates in the UK. 

So, apart from the above-mentioned subjects, Creative Arts & Design, Engineering & Technology, Mass Communications have pretty high dropout rate. Unexpectedly, medics, dentists, and vets drop out the least - the rate is only 1,5%.


UK Student Dropout Rates By Subject in 2019




In the table below, you'll find the list of subjects with dropout rates:


Computer Sciences 9,8%
Business 7,4%
Creative Arts & Design 7,2%
Engineering & Technology 7,2%
Mass communications 7,2%
Architecture & Planning  6,7%
Biological Sciences 6,7%
Education 6,2%
Agriculture 5,9%
Law 5,8%
Medicine related subjects 5,8%
Social studies 5,7%
Combined subjects 5,2%
Mathematical sciences 5,0%
Languages 4,5%
History & philosophy 4,2%
Physical sciences 3,9%
Medics, dentists, vets 1,5%


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