This College Student’s Mom Knows Everything About Parenting (TEXTS INSIDE)

3 years ago



The Typical Student team continues to tell you absolutely real student stories. College life is stressful and high levels of stress can lead to various illnesses. Well, when we fall ill all we need is a little bit of our moms’ love and care.

This college student caught a cold and because his college was far away from home he was getting his mom’s love and care through the text messages. But it seems like his mom brought the love and support to the next level. Just check out this hilarious text conversation between this college student and his mom.




So the student texted his mom a message that read, “I feel better but really tired.” to which his mom replied, “Well, that makes sense…If you’ve been partying hard you would probably feel tired by the end of the weekend.” 




Well, it wasn’t quite true, so the student texted his mom, “I haven’t been partying lol.” Then his mom answered, “Well, I hope you haven’t been sleeping or studying all day either.” to what the student replied, “Haha, well I haven’t been sleeping ALL day but most of it.”

And it seems like his mom became outraged because she responded to him, “NOOOOO.” But the student calmed his mom down by texting her that it was fine because his class is at 11.


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