This Girl Texted Her Friend about a Hilarious Way Her College Prof Pranked the Class

2 years ago



The Typical Student team continues sharing viral student stories. This time around, it's a hilarious text exchange between a female student and her friend. The student complained about her college prof and revealed the hilarious way their professor has pranked her whole class.

So when the girl texted her friend that she hates her professor, the friend replied, “School just started, how could you possibly ‘hate’ a professor already.” To what the girl had quite an odd reply, “He said he would never give us a test when he walked in through the door.”



Well, this is a pretty strange reason to hate a professor, isn’t it? So the friend texted her, “So? That’s f***ing awesome, you don’t get to have any test.”

And this is where the girl revealed the truth about this professor’s tests. Apparently, the prof had his own vision of giving tests to the students. So the girl texted her friend about how the prof actually conducted the test, “The smart ass is coming into the classroom through the WINDOW waving the test in our faces.” The friend then periled to that, “You got owned by an old man…that sucks bro.”

Well, in conclusion, all we can say is that this prof really rocks!

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