This Is Exactly How Tough College Life Really Is

2 years ago



College life with lack of money, time, and sleep is really tough. As a student, you have to do so much stuff and you have so little time for that and sometimes this leads to total chaos in your life. The Typical Student team keeps telling you hilarious student stories, enjoy! 

These two college roomies have been struggling with their college lives for too long until their lives started breaking apart. Here’s their text conversation that perfectly clear demonstrates the total chaos of their college lives.




When Harry got a message from his college roommate that read, “Morning” he immediately texted his friend this, “It’s a beautiful morning for some Comparative Politics.” Well, his friend didn’t think so and texted back Harry, “It’s a beautiful morning to have not done my homework for my first two classes. Also, our sink broke, so if you need any water come hit us up since the sink refuses to stop.”

Harry was really surprised, so he answered, “Oh wow, that’s an interesting problem” to what his friend replied, “It really is.” And then Harry texted him, “Don’t count on it getting fixed” but his friend seemed to be cool with it, so he answered, “I mean like it’s their water, they’re wasting.”





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