This Is How College Prof Calmed Down Student Hitting Her Calculator On The Desk

3 years ago



All of us appreciate these cool profs who always find the time for a good joke during their classes. The Typical Student team shares a story about this college professor who certainly knows how to joke and obviously he made these students’ day.

Student Reveals How Her College Prof Calms Class Down

Jodi is a college student who texted her friend to tell about her another amazing day at college and the ingenious way her teacher made fun of one of her classmates. So Jodi texted her friend, “Hey, school was awesome today, a lot of laughs.” When her friend asked her what happened Jodi started telling her a hilarious story about her college teacher, “Well, my mate was hitting her calculator on the edge of her desk because it wasn’t working,” she texted. To what her friend replied, “So?” And then Jodi revealed the way her teacher made fun of her college classmate, “Then the teacher shouted at her, ‘Hollie how would you like it if I banged you on the table?’”



Well, this teacher definitely knows how to make his students stop doing things that annoy him. Or maybe he is just a calculator fun and for him it was extremely painful to watch how that girl was hitting that poor calculator. Who knows…


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