This Student Texted the Girl of His Dreams, And Here's What Happened (VIRAL TEXT EXCHANGE)

2 years ago



The Typical Student team keeps telling viral stories. This conversation seemed to be quite normal at the beginning, even though Erica was on his phone as "Girl Of Dreams Erica." The guy texted her that last night was great and he really wants to do it again. However, Erica didn’t reply to neither of his messages, so he asked her, "You there?"






But still there was no reply from Erica, so the guy literally started spamming her. He asked her out a couple of times more, but Erica was silent. Then he texted her, “Wanna get coffee tomorrow morning? If not it’s fine, sorry if I’m being annoying…I just really want to see you again.” No reply. However, he didn’t want to give up and sent another message to her where he confessed that Erica was the girl of his dreams.




And Erica finally replied to him. So this is exactly how people’s dreams are shattered. This girl pissed him off in the most brutal way you have ever seen.





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