This Is Why ‘Pee After Sex’ Twitter Meme is SO MUCH BETTER Than School Sex Ed

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Sex ed is always messy. At least now we know Sex Ed Works Pretty Well for Primary School Students and Here's the Proof. Still, the Typical Student team previously wrote about bigotry in How US Parents Protest Against Sexual Education in Schools: Burning Teen Vogue. So, what should kids do to learn about sex? Turn to Twitter of course! And, that’s where the FUN begins!


Does “Pee After Sex” Really Help?


Unfortunately, most school sex ed courses won’t give you this precious advice that can save your health! Doctors claim that peeing after a sexual intercourse can help prevent urinary tract infections. So, the advice isn’t useless after all!


Reminding fellow users to remove makeup before going to bed or leave trash exes on read has long been a part of the Twitter etiquette. Now, it’s the ‘pee after sex’ meme that goes

It all started when the Twitter user @trashychick mixed it up, tweeting, "pee after sex or u will get a dui."


After that, hundreds of users came up with their own version of what happens if one doesn’t urinate after sex. Some people played around with the well-known acronyms make the message sink in.

pee-after-sex-twitter-meme-02Credit: @ancestronaut


Credit: @lexxlmfao


Credit: @gkeat97


Credit: @NeptxneDubs

Naturally, world-famous music bands using abbreviations as their names weren’t left aside.

pee-after-sex-twitter-meme-06Credit: @emogatsby


Credit: @tkoghoul


Credit: @JorianHolka


Credit: @muhcoochee

And then, people got more talkative and creative, so the idea kept expanding.



Credit: @verygayrae


Credit: @GayvidDowdle


Just in case, if you still don't remember: do yourself a favor, PEE AFTER SEX!


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