This 'Natural' Birth Control Advice You Should NEVER Follow Just Set Twitterverse On Fire

2 years ago



Lately, people seem to be obsessed with everything natural. This time around, this "natural" birth control options tweet went viral for a completely opposite reason. Twitter user Bria Badu also known as @MissBriaJanay posted a tweet with a caption: "Girls! Here a some natural birth control options." She attached an image with different plants that are supposed to act as oral contraception (that's obviously in Bria's mind). That caused an uproar on the Twitterverse as, luckily, people don't want to risk their health and parenthood possibilities. The Typical Student team learned the details. 





How Did Twitterverse React?

People on Twitter were mostly outraged with advice on the "natural" birth control. So, here's what they tweeted:

















After getting slammed by the Twitter users, Bria deleted the post. The Typical Student team encourages you to always double-check the information you see on Twitter to avoid health problems!

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