This New ‘Dick Appointment Challenge’ Meme Is Setting Twitterverse On Fire

2 years ago



This new challenge is gaining traction on Twitter, and, well, it's both sad and hilarious. Remember, there was a time when people used to make love after wining and dining? In the Twitter era, they make appointments. A dick appointment, to be precise. The Typical Student team learned the details of the latest Twitter challenge that's going viral.


Who Started the "Dick Appointment Challenge"?


It all began when a Twitter user @baby_b0nes tweeted in May: Text ur significant other asking what dick appointments they have available and reply to this post with their responses.” The girl attached a screenshot of her own attempt to schedule an appointment. Guess what, her man responded with a sweet caption: "Why yes it looks like I have every spot open ever for you."



Hilarious Twitterverse Reactions

It didn't take long until people on Twitter tuned in for the challenge and started tagging @baby_b0nes in their tweets. Here are the most hilarious responses to the "dick appointment challenge," with a "pussy appointment challenge" as an alternative.


#1 Long distance relationship:



#2 Dick appointment business style:




#3 Now they're providing booking references:




#4 Some are cancelling the appointments, tho:




#5 Once a cheater always a cheater:




#6 Fancy one of the most experienced practitioners?




#7 Now that's kinda weird:




#8 Some were getting transferred to the appointment center:







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