This New Horoscope App's Daily Suggestions Are So Precise They're Freaking People Out

3 years ago



If you believe in horoscopes, then this new horoscope app will make you extremely excited. Co-Star horoscope app is now going extremely viral online as many people believe it's incredibly true, but at the same time blunt. The Typical Student team learned more about why this app is so strikingly precise. 


Why Is Co-Star App So Precise? 




Co-Star app gives users brief note about their predicted week or month inside the app, as well as the smartphone push notifications for their 'Day at a Glance' may vary. The notification examples look something like this: one may tell a user to 'fake laugh,' while another may encourage them to 'tell a friend their life story'. Other notifications may include: 'Being a human is hard and you try your best' or 'Has falling in love with a fantasy ever worked out well for you?' or 'Have you ever thought you talk too much?'















Marketing Ploy?


The official Co-Star website claims it 'uses NASA data, coupled with methods of professional astrologers, to algorithmically generate insights about your personality and your future'. It is unclear if these push notifications are a marketing ploy to make people talk about it on social media. LadBible reports, Co-Star may be using a similar strategy to Starbucks with people's names during the ordering process. According to the rumour, Starbucks employees spell customer's names wrong on purpose "in order for them to find it so funny they post a picture of it on social media. And we have to say, it's not a bad marketing strategy, because it's free and it works.


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