This Student Was Pulled Out of His Class by FBI For Stupid Prank (REDDIT STORY)

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The Typical Student team continues sharing stories told on Reddit. This time around, user u/ShortTail359 shared his hilarious, yes frightening story on tifu subreddit. So here it is, enjoy!


Ingenious Prank



ShortTail was a freshman at that time and he thought it would be funny to prank his friends. So he came up with, in his opinion, an ingenious prank, which consisted in pretending that he had some kind of illegal business abroad.

So ShortTail was dropping some lines about his business to his friends and “accidentally” sending pictures of large piles of cash to them. Finally, by the end of the school year, he decided that it was the time to finish his prank with something truly epic. So ShortTail created a fake email and sent a couple of his friends message, in which he said that he was a police officer who wanted to find out the whereabouts of a criminal called ShortTail. On behalf of the “police officer,” ShortTail also asked not to call 911.


The moment everything went wrong



The following three days, ShortTail tried to behave strangely, he missed some classes and avoided his friends. But on the fourth day, everything went wrong. ShortTail was literally pulled out of class by FBI officers and then was interrogated by FBI for about an hour. He literally thought that his future career was ruined and his life was over.

After a while, ShortTail was summoned to his local police station, where he had a long and rather stressful conversation with a police officer and eventually was charged with criminal impersonation. In a couple of weeks, ShortTail had his court hearing, where the judge literally laughed out loud after reading his case. Eventually, ShortTail was cleared of all charges, however, he had to pay the court fees.

In the end, ShortTail said that it was the most stressful period of his life and the prank wasn’t even worth it. However, after all, he had a good laugh and got a real FBI agent’s business card.


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