This Student's Text Exchange With Her Mom Is Beyond Hilarious! (TEXTS INSIDE)

3 years ago



The Typical Student team keeps sharing viral student stories. This time around, a Twitter user @Samiraaziz13 has posted a picture of her with no makeup on together with a conversation with her mom about wearing makeup. So here’s what her tweet.






Sami’s mom said that her daughter doesn’t have to wear makeup because she already beautiful. But it seems like Sami didn’t agree with her mom.

Meanwhile, Sami’s mom saw the tweet and decided to encourage her through text messages. And eventually, Sami posted the messages her mom sent to her on Twitter too.








Her mom sent her an encouraging text message that read, “Great, u r beautiful too, but not as much as I am.” And then she sent Sami her selfie.




So Sami replied to her, “Wow, so many selfies every day,” and then she added, “Stop being so obsessed with yourself.” To what her mom replied, “Why not?”




So Sami decided to make the things right and pay some compliments to her mom. She texted her, “Nice pic model!”  One thing is completely clear here – Sami’s mom is super cool and her selfies are great indeed!


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