This Text Exchange Between Two Students Proves College Is REALLY Tough (TEXTS INSIDE)

2 years ago



The Typical Student team keeps telling student stories. Just in a couple of months (which is not actually much), you will have to go through your finals once again. Well, even though it seems like you still have the whole bunch of time to chill before the finals, the tension and anxiety are already raising.

These two best college buddies were completely stressed because of their college, so they created a hilarious anxiety song about their college via text messages.



So one of the friends sent a text message that read, “On the 7th day of Christmas my teachers gave to me…” to what the other friend replied, “7 things of homework.” And then the first friend continued, “6 mental break downs,” to what the second one replied, “5 thoughts of dropout.” And then the friends finished the song with “4 hours of crying, 3 days of stressing, 2 all-nighters, and a month of anxiety.”




Such a great song, isn’t it? Do not go mad during these finals and keep your college life together!


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