Tinder Rolls Out College Version Tinder U for US Students EXCLUSIVELY

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Looks like we’ve lived to the day when Tinder has officially got the student-only version, Tinder U. On August 21, Tinder made an official statement about the Tinder U market launch. This is going to be a version of Tinder, EXCLUSIVELY available to US college students. The Typical Student team learned all the details about the up-and-coming app roll-out. Read on!

So, how exactly will Tinder U verify if you’re a student? To log in to the student version of Tinder,  a user must register with an .edu email address and be geolocated on campus. All in all, the functionality set is similar to the regular Tinder. However, the user interface looks a bit different. That is, a user’s profile page will be displayed with a badge depicting which university they belong to.

Who Will Use Tinder U First?tinder-u-service-for-us-studentsSource: blog.gotinder.com

According to the official statement made by the Tinder representatives, the “service will be rolling out to iOS devices at four-year, accredited, not-for-profit schools in the US.” The launch of Tinder U was announced only a few weeks ago during the Match Group quarterly earnings call. It was said that the majority of company’s revenue growth comes from Tinder. The app managed to double the amount of paying users compared to last year. Now, it’s 3.8 million users vs 1.7 million at the same time in Q2. 

Why Segmenting Off College Students to Make Tinder U? 

tinder-u-service-for-us-students-02Source: blog.gotinder.com

Students already use Tinder to date different people, also being the largest segment of Tinder’s audience. Integrating the app into the regular campus life of a US student, totally makes sense in this respect. In its marketing strategy, Tinder is named ideal for “finding a study buddy or someone to hang out with on the quad.” 

Nurturing a new dedicated user base of 18-y.o. will sooner convert them into paid users. This is no rocket science, since Facebook tried a similar approach when it launched for the first time. Using the .edu email address to create a loyal college audience at the beginning, then opening widely a few years later. 

Tinder is doing it vice versa. First everyone could register with the app, but now college kids can use a “safe haven” to shield themselves from older people. Switching between the regular Tinder and Tinder U will be possible to help find a student match within a certain area. 

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