Top 5 Grammar and Spelling Checkers to Rock in 2019

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There is a smidge of useful grammar and spell checking tools online. They help streamline consistency of your assignments without fuss, while the academic integrity stays in the safe zone. Check out 5 legitimate tools to boost the quality of your papers stress-free. 






A simple instrument to check grammar in your texts. Easy-to-use and straightforward, this service will be perfect to audit your essays for spelling errors, style inconsistencies, and grammar mistakes. The tool will also help fix passive voice and syntax. This is a very simplistic instrument which nevertheless does the job of checking your texts up to par. Since most of GrammarCheck functions are free, bookmark the site straight away!

Paid version: Named “Deep check,” the paid version will enable you to track more complex issues such as run-on sentences and dangling modifiers. Will cost you $23.96 / month or $111.98 / annual subscription.






A more aesthetically pleasing grammar and spell check service, LanguageTool functionality is pretty much the same. However, it lets you switch between multiple languages and dialects which is a cool thing by itself. As a free user, you could check texts up to 20000 characters long. Some of the more in-depth text analysis features are available only as a part of paid packages.

Paid version: Offers 40000 characters per text, a nifty Microsoft Word add-on, as well as additional features such as typo detection and complex grammar checking patterns. Will cost you $4.92 / month or $59 / annual subscription.






Meet and greet the one and only Undisputed Champion of Grammar and Spell Checking – Grammarly. A very comfortable, well-thought instrument which will audit your texts in and out. But only… if you opt-in for a paid subscription. As a free user, you could only count on grammar, spelling, and punctuation checking. Which is – in all honesty! – more than enough. Although sometimes Grammarly gives weird suggestions as to how certain text issues should be corrected, Grammarly is still a prime choice.

Paid version: Offers a detailed insight into articles. Lets you analyze the consistency of texts, variety, vocabulary, clarity, and conciseness. A Microsoft Word add-on is available too. If you do need these goodies, prepare to spend $29.95 / month or $131.46 / annual subscription.





Our personal favorite, ProWritingAid offers everything Grammarly has and a trifle more on top. This instrument is even capable of calculating how much time will it take a reader to cover the text from the start till the end. Despite the fact this tool comes with all the signature features the above-mentioned services boast, ProWritingAid looks a bit heavy. So many features and so little room. That’s why getting used to the instrument will require some time. Totally worth it though.


Paid version: Removes the word count limit, gives access to the desktop app (for Mac users), and unlocks Microsoft Word, Chrome, and Google Docs add-ons. Will cost you $60.00 / 1 year or $210.00 / lifetime subscription.





Universal platform for helping students get by in college, Grade Miners offer a vast selection of useful services. Pick a plagiarism checker, citation generator, title page generator, sample essays, as well as a free grammar and spelling checker. All tools are neat, fast, and reliable. The concept is to get the job done quickly without any headaches. You can even get a new composition or book review written from scratch by real writers. So when you’re in a time crunch, Grade Miners will help.


Paid version: Grammar and spell checker is 100% free. Other services might have individual rates.


Want better college results with minimum time wasting? Choose only the best instruments to help you hack any course stress-free.

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