28 BEST Travel Hacks for Students Before Summer 2018 Is Officially Over

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Traveling is one of the things worth saving money for. It doesn't matter if you love chilling on the beach, exploring picturesque streets of ancient cities or going up to the mountains. Going on a trip to a strange place can be challenging for students, especially money wise. Still, there are so many students traveling all over the world trouble free. How do they do that?

Chances are, they know a few travel hacks that provide them with great, comfortable, and calm journeys. Of course, some of the popular travel hacks may not seem very useful for you. But be sure all of them really work! Most of the lifehacks on the list may seem OBVIOUS to you. Thing is, we rarely use any of them to make our traveling more comfortable! So, before the summer is over and you still have a little time for your summer trips, the Typical Student team took care to collect 28 travel hacks all students MUST know for summer vacations 2018.

#1 Wrap your chargers and headphones around your old gift cards in order to prevent entanglement.

#2 Put your shoes in a shower cap before packing your suitcase.


#3 Did you know, you can take miniature bottles with alcohol on board of the plane?


#4 Before traveling abroad call your debit or credit card company for getting authorization for purchases in the other countries.


#5 Google your flight number and airline name to check your flight status.

#6 Use your old sunglasses case as a box for your chargers and cables.

#7 Use your phone or tablet as a TV, if there are no TVs on a plane.

#8 You can refill your empty water bottle at the airport after you go through security.
travel-hacks-for-students-17#9 Put cream, lotion or concealer in your contact cases.

#10 Enable private browsing before looking for flights online.


#11 Prevent your bottles from leaking all over your stuff in the luggage with the help of the plastic wrap.


#12 Roll your clothes in order to save some space in your suitcase.

#13 Scan your ID, passport, and itinerary and preserve digital copies in case of theft or loss.

#14 Use a Tic Tac container for your bobby pins.


#15 Protect your razors with binder clips.

#16 Use USB ports in your hotel TV to charge your phone, if you forgot the wall plug-in.

#17 Use one of your pot holders as a case for your flat iron.

#18 You can borrow a phone charger from the hotel you are staying at, if you forgot yours.

#19 Use Wine Skin or pool floaties in order to protect wine bottles in your suitcase.

travel-hacks-for-students-27#20 Put a dryer sheet in the bag with your clothes in order to keep them smell fresh.

#21 Store your phone in a plastic bag while you are on the beach or in a theme park.

#22 Store your jewelry in a pill container.

#23 Put rolled up belts inside your collar shirts.
travel-hacks-for-students-03#24 Take a portable phone charger.
travel-hacks-for-students-04#25 You can use Google Maps offline.

#26 Use a cereal container as a trash can in your car.

#27 Pin your parking place on Google Maps while driving in a new city in order to quickly find your car.
travel-hacks-for-students-07#28 Use a dollar tree shower caddy as a tray for your food in the car.


Hopefully, these tips will come in handy next time you go traveling!

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