Travel Influencer Admits To Photoshopping Clouds Into Her Photos After Being Called Out

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Tupi Saravia, a travel blogger from Buenos Aires with over 280,000 followers on Instagram has admitted to photoshopping her photos after screenshots of her profile went viral online. Users called the influencer out on photoshopping clouds into the background of her travel snaps. Previously, we told you how another influencer was slammed for posting photo shoot of her motorcycle accident on Instagram. The Typical Student team learned what this was all about. 

Faking Clouds In Travel Photos

Ms. Saravia told BuzzFeed News she used a special app called Quickshot "to enhance or impose clouds" into her pictures when the camera "couldn't pick them up." Quickshot's in-built feature called 'Sky Control,' allows putting clouds into a photo. The girl, however, didn't expect the whole thing would go that far as screens of her profile went viral on the web in mere hours. Here's how Saravia explains why she was using the photo-enhancing application: "I used an app called Quickshot to help the composition of the photograph when the sky is burned or overexposed." She added, "Actually I'm the first one to tell the joke [that] the clouds are following me around the world."



Clouds in these pics seem just too generic: 




Twitter user @MattNavarra spotted the cloud coincidence: 



Not everyone appreciated the joke, though. People are upset that this practice is becoming a new reality. One user commented: "Why we end here on social media!? Faking all the photos!? I can point other users doing this, as a photographer I can't stand this." 



Here's what another user said about Saravia's fakery:





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