21 SURPRISINGLY TRUE Tweets About Life In Your Mid-20s

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Post graduate students always deal with a lot of adult life problems. Paying back student loans, stressful work, relationships, rent, aging and many other grown-up’s stuff are among all post-grads’ challenges. Of course, college students have plenty of issues to worry about as well, but they are not that much tough and sometimes even ridiculous as the problems of those who are in their mid-twenties. However, lots of post-grads keep their chins up. So instead of crying in the pillow and complaining about their lives, most of the post graduates solve their problems in a fun way. And some of them have really succeeded in making fun of their adult life problems especially in Twitter. The Typical Student team put together a list of 21 hilariously real tweets about being in your mid-twenties.

#1 When you still continue to dress up for Halloween, but none of your adult friends seem to do this anymore.


#2 This is really quite a reasonable demand from a pretty wise grown-up person.


#3 Well yeah, the biggest benefit of being in your mid-twenties is that you can paint the town red every day and even a couple times a day.


#4 And this is probably how the mid-20s feel after painting the town red.


#5 Adult life can be exhausting, can’t it?true-tweets-about-life-in-mid-twenties-04

#6 Well, trendy underwear is important in the grown-up’s world.true-tweets-about-life-in-mid-twenties-07

#7 At least she tries, an attempt is the half of the deed, isn’t it?


#8 When you already have some adult responsibilities, but you actually don’t know how to deal with them. And those flowers should be really fancy.true-tweets-about-life-in-mid-twenties-10

#9 Please don’t die.true-tweets-about-life-in-mid-twenties-08

#10 A typical morning of a person who is in their mid-20s and their typical morning problem. true-tweets-about-life-in-mid-twenties-13

#11 Since when finishing seasons of TV shows is not an accomplishment anymore? true-tweets-about-life-in-mid-twenties-11

#12 When real adult life problems make you extremely vulnerable. true-tweets-about-life-in-mid-twenties-12

#13 Well, if you thought that those who are in their mid-twenties eat only broccoli and drink smart water, you were terribly wrong.


#14 Yeah, Google is supposed to have some good answers for this acute problem.


#15 Again, no broccoli, no smart water. Just McDonald’s food all day all night.


#16 The good news is that a mid-twenties crisis is so easy to overcome! Well, at least if you are not afraid of getting tattoos and piercing, because it’s so painful.


#17 Dealing with your problems in a fun way is perhaps the greatest achievement a person in their mid-20 can reach, isn’t it?


#18 LOL, I actually would like to by such vest for myself. And who wouldn’t like?


#19 If you are in your mid-20s it does not really mean that you are ready for all the responsibilities that adult world prepared for you.


#20 Well, this is really sad. At least they will be always fit.


#21 Of course, it is extremely important to realize your actual abilities in order to set your goals. That is how all successful people do their greatest achievements.


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