Twitterverse Is Discussing The Optimum Number Of Towels A Couple Should Have, And It's Hilarious

3 years ago



Believe it or not, in the past two days, the Twitterverse is going crazy because of ... towels! Wanna know why? As usual, it takes a single tweet to start a viral thread. So, the Typical Student team tried sorting out the whole "towel" thing. 

First, a user who goes by the name @Advil tweeted as follows: 

"hello fellow adults. my gf and i have a question... what is the correct amount of towels to own? i said 10 and she looked at me like i was crazy. we have zero frame of reference on the appropriate amount of towels in a household of two." 




Then, other people tuned in a serious "towel" conversation. 

#1 Here's how many towels should a couple have:



#2 But do you know anything about the towel size:




#3 Some see having many towels as an indulgence: 




#4 But what do you know about an indulgence if you have 17 kitchen towels?




#5 How about three bath towels per person in a given week?




#6 Even the weighed in:




#7 Where to get the towels?



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Any questions or propositions?