Two College Roommates Prove Their Relationship Is Simply Perfect

2 years ago



The Typical Student team keeps sharing student stories, and here's one about a perfect relationship with a roomie.  If you reread the texts with your college roommate you might notice that those messages are rather boring. Boring because we usually text our roomies stuff like “Buy some milk” or “It’s your turn to wash the dishes today.” However, sometimes those conversations can show a perfectly balanced and cool relationship between the two roomies.



Well, these two college roommates had quite a boring text conversation as well, but their text conversation for sure shows the brand-new level of their relationship. The cool way these two deal with each other is just hilarious.

So their conversation started with a casual, "Hi, if I don’t wake up for class tomorrow it’s ok, I want to sleep." To what the other roommate answered, "Ok?" 

Then the girl asked her roommate whether her friend Dan could sleep over the following night to what she replied, "Yea, sure, am I gonna be sexiled?" the girl answered, "No" and her roommate seemed to be satisfied, since she replied her, "Cool."




Well, these girls are definitely roommate relationships queens. Can you deal with your college roommates the same cool way?


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