Why “Typical” Temp Dorms At Purdue University Look More Like Prison or Boot Camp?

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Have you ever seen the photos of a makeshift dorm? Oh well, this one looks like the new installment of “Orange Is The New Black” series for sure. The newest Purdue University dorm rooms are all over social media compared to "prison" and "boot camp." The Typical Student team tried figuring out if over-admissions are the problem.

Housing Peculiarities of Purdue University


Source: @purdueexponent

The student-run newspaper at Purdue University called Purdue Exponent presented the images of a "makeshift" dorm on campus. Housing problems are typical for universities, but this one caused pretty strong reactions on social media! So, what was it about the images that caused quite a stir?


Source: @purdueexponent

As told by BuzzFeedNews, in the pictures, the readers of Purdue Exponent can see a “large office like space split by standard dorm room furniture.” In each segment space, there is a bed, a desk, and a dresser. Rooms like these can house up to 10 students. These "temporary" or "auxiliary housing" dorm spaces are used with an excess of admitted applicants. 


Source: @purdueexponent

How Does Purdue University Deal With Increased Enrollment?

According to Purdue Exponent, this academic year the university enrolled five times more students than it was expected! The university provost claims each year they have to arrange about a 100 temporary spaces for students. More and more applicants want to live on campus, so it’s often hard to deal with fluctuating numbers of students. So, temporary living spaces are used by students until they are assigned to more official housing. 

All of this didn't sit well with the Twitterverse, so it erupted with a plethora of reactions:

purdue-exponent-makeshift-dorms-02Source: @dmariiiee

The provost claims that students are assigned to their official housing within a few weeks of class, so they don’t have to live in cubicles very long. Also, students are free to rent apartments outside the campus if they want to. With 500 more admitted students than expected, Purdue had to take action. Despite the makeshift dorm shown in the pictures isn’t currently in use, others like are housing students. 

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