Relationships at College: Typical Text Conversation Between Two Sweethearts (TEXTS INSIDE)

2 years ago



The Typical Student team continues to share hilarious student stories. Relationships at college are always a kind of weird. Since you do not have much time for your personal life because of your classes, your relationships can fall apart.

This college student was struggling with his college and trying to keep his life together. So his relationships with his girlfriend went rather weird.

After another date the guy received a text from his girlfriend that read, “Can I ask you something?” and after the guy said yes, his girlfriend texted him, “Why didn’t we have sex last night?” 



The guy then replied, “I’m not really sure. Just didn’t feel like it. That bad?” And then the girl explained why she was so worried about that, “I took a good 2 hours out of my time to get all ready, shave my legs, and what not…I wasted 2 hours of my time getting ready for nothing.” And then the girl added, “Didn’t feel like it? Um okay? Well I did so? I literally kept giving you hints and was trying all night?” to what the guy replied, “I just didn’t want to. Sorry about it LOL.”



Let’s just hope that their relationships are perfectly fine by now.


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