UK Immigration SCANDAL: University College London Sets £20,000 Penalty If Staff Fail To Report on Tier 4 Students

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In the light of immigration scandal brewing in US, a recent row broken out at University College London looks even more cringeworthy! The Typical Student team just learned that UCL has a system of immigration controls for international students. Previously, we told you about other resonant scandals in education. If you're interested, see Stanford HUGE History Conference Scandal: Is It Too White, Too Male? and 3 SCANDALOUS Examples of Student Journalism That Broke Big Stories. Both staff and students are outraged by these immigration control policies which are discriminatory!


As told by the Guardian, the UCL lecturers strongly disagree with the guidance they received from the university administration. Turns out, lecturers are advised to spot-check foreign students’ IDs! But that’s not all. Reportedly, one of the leading UCL faculties warned that staffers who fail to follow the regulations “may be liable to a £20,000 personal fine per case”. In other words, if a professor isn’t snitching on their foreign students, they are fined with a significant sum of money!


Where Did UCL Immigration Guidance Come From?



Source: @UCL_UCU


The origins of the student immigration guidance date back to May 2018, when the UCL’s student immigration compliance team issued it to lecturers. The document stated the Tier 4 students’ attendance must be regulated using “spot checks based on face-to-face verification, as well as checking registers for signs of abuse and challenging suspicious signatures”. As quoted further, the “acceptable spot checking methods [include] checking the IDs of a sample of students”.


And that’s not all! As told by the Guardian, the regulations also demand that academic supervisors have to meet postgraduates personally once per month, even on summer break. The only exception for not doing this is when a student presents an official study leave!


How Did the Scandal Break?




One of the lecturers at UCL took to Twitter to post an email he received earlier this month. The letter apparently was sent out to academics and admins at the Bartlett (UCL faculty of the built environment). In the email, the total amount of fine was clearly indicated.


Failing to report the immigration policy breach by international students would result in a £20,000 fine, which would be  deducted from a lecturer’s “discretionary account.” This is a special account meant to provide financial support to research staff as well as cover work-related expenses. Typically, discretionary accounts are used to cover the cost of “conferences, travel and training, purchasing equipment and computers.”

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